October 28, 2013

Random Thoughts:Day 28

Every night I lay my daughter in bed, and she asks me to sing her a lullaby. Every night I sing her these words:

Oh, refuge of my hardened heart
Oh, fast persuing lover come
Angels dance around Your throne
My life by captured fare You own
Not silhouette of trodden faith
Nor death shall not my steps be guide
I'll pirouette upon mine grave
For in Your path I'll run and hide

Oh, gaze of love so melt my pride
That I may in your house but kneel
And in my brokenness to cry
Spring worship unto Thee
Spring worship unto Thee

It may not seem too kid friendly. I've tried singing other songs to her before, but she always asks for this one. She even sings along some nights. 

I love ending each night worshipping my God with my daughter. I love singing His praises with her at the end of the day.

I love her little heart and am humbled that God chose me to help guide her and point her to Him. I pray I can point her to Him. 

I pray that in my life she sees Him. 

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