October 27, 2013

Random Thoughts: Day 27

The gospel attracts & repels. If you're ALWAYS persecuted, you're probably a jerk. If you're NEVER persecuted, you're probably a coward. ~Tim Keller

In this age of the Internet, with the vast reach and sphere of influence that social media and blogging has given us, as Christians, we have a voice and a platform like never before. With hundreds, maybe thousands of people reading and listening to you every day, what are you saying?  

Are you speaking Truth? Are you speaking with love? Are you speaking the Truth in love? Even if it's hard and not palatable for everyone? 

Jesus said it would be hard. He said that this world would bring us trouble if we followed Him. It is hard, and this world does bring trouble. Following Jesus, truly  following him, does not come without cost. But think of how much your life cost Him! 

Next time you think that you shouldn't write that blog because it might be too harsh of a conviction, I urge you to remember this...

People thought Jesus was crazy. There were some that hated him and his followers. He didn't cover up the Gospel in cotton candy and fluff. 

If you never lose a friend or a follower, you're not doing it right. 

Write that blog. Send that tweet. Live proudly and speak boldly the Capital T Truth of the Gospel with no apologies. 

Yes, Scripture tells us to love and encourage one another, but it also tells us to correct and rebuke our fellow brothers and sisters. 

It can't all be Skittles and rainbows all the time. Sometimes we get things wrong, and we need a fellow sister to point out our sin or our misguided theology and point us back to Jesus. It should always all point back to Jesus. 

As I get ready to hit publish, I have a pit in my stomach because I know that this message won't be received well by all. The flesh that I wear wants so badly to be well liked and to never make waves. But Jesus didn't ask me to be popular. He didn't commission me to be well liked. He asked me to follow Him. 

He promised it would be hard, and it is. So I do today exactly what I am urging you to do. Write the hard things. Hit publish. Risk losing a follower or a friend. Because Jesus, and advancing The Kingdom is worth so much more than anyone on your news feed. 


  1. I read this and I think, "Who could possibly be offended by the truth?" But there are people out there who don't want to hear the hard parts, who only want to believe when it's easy or convenient. Keep speaking the truth, Kelly, just like you did in this post. We're called to be unashamed of the gospel, the whole thing. Preach it! :-)

  2. AMEN Kelly. We need to be reminded of this truth often. Praying you have a blessed week.

  3. The Keynote videos from Allume are going up. When you get free time? Watch Jennie Allen's. I think you may appreciate it as she resembles your heart on this. :) And? Girlfriend can preach.
    Love you, friend. Always, always.


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