October 20, 2013

Random Thoughts: Day 20

I'm posting this from my phone, and I'm too lazy to turn on my computer right now, so I apologize if the 31 days photo is gigantic.  

Well, here ate some random thoughts for the day: 

If it's from Starbucks, it should have whipped cream on it. Period. 

I have no idea how to properly drive in a roundabout and am convinced of certain death every time I encounter one. 

Doughnuts are one of my love languages.

I think I want to eat pizza tomorrow. 

Everything tastes better with cheese on it. 

I'm hungry. Could you tell? 

I wish I took more time to read. I have a whole que of books I want to read, but never do. 

I really want a new tattoo. I have it all planned out. I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. 

Why do babies throw stuff? Like, all the time? And then laugh. It's not fun, and I don't like picking it all up. 

31 days is hard. Really. Stinkin. Hard. 

How's that for random? 


  1. Hugs! Yes, 31 days of writing is hard. I did it the last two years and it was exhausting. Give yourself permission to skip a day or two. Praying you have a beautiful week and feel God's nearness and refreshing over you!

  2. Tell me about this tattoo. I want to save up for one. i have a few ideas but not one i've decided on for sure yet. :)

    1. wait...i wasn't asking you to kill me, to be clear. ;)


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