October 2, 2013

Random Thoughts: Day 2

I've felt disconnected from God lately. 

I've felt disconnected from life lately. 

I'm always so busy in the doing that I've ceased being. I've stopped living and enjoying and engaging in my life and I've started to just go through the hurried motions to get it all done. I live in this strange, parallel universe where the days go by slow, but the months fly by! 

My hope is that taking time each day to write here won't just be another thing to hurry through, but a way to connect with my mind and my soul and slow down long enough to be me instead of the robotic machine that I have felt like lately. 

Last weekend, I unplugged from social media and I really enjoyed it. I will admit that I've become quite the input junkie and my fingers spent a good portion of Saturday morning itching to refresh a feed. In the end, though, it was nice. I think I may make it a regular thing. 

Technology has given us so many gifts and I love the way that we can use the Internet and social media for God's glory. Part of me longs for the days of Little House on the Prairie. A part of me just wants to live in the world of Anne of Green Gabels, where life was so much simpler and lives were lived and not spent creating Instagram perfect, Pinterest-worthy moments. 

We spend so much time trying to capture it all perfectly. We're jumping out of the moments to photograph and filter them, trying to make them look better. But what would make the moments better is if we were in them. Fully. 

Fully engaged. Living our lives. 

My family will be heading out of town for a few days soon and I'm looking forward to being out of the city and spending time with my family. My goal is to keep the iPhone put away and to really live those few days in the moment. 

It's one small step at a time for this Internet addict, but slowly I'll figure out how to reign in my need for notifications and get back to the life that's right in front of my eyes. 

Random foot note: Why does my phone insist on capatilizing the word Internet? Is it a proper noun? Did I miss that memo? 


  1. I have missed your voice here so I am glad to see you and all your random thoughts but I so get the need to pull away and be present! I honor you in doing that... praying you feel a deeper connections to all the things that matter (instead of just All the Things!) Love you, friend!

  2. I agree about the capitalization of internet. It makes it sound like a booming force..."The Internet!"


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