October 17, 2013

Random Thoughts: Day 17

I thought It was no big deal. 

"What's one more thing?" I asked myself. 

One more thing and then one more thing. And what seemed like a small commitment suddenly grew into a giant monster. 

As responsibilities and commitments stacked higher and higher, I began to  get buried underneath it all, and now? Now I can't get out from under it. 

With the best of intentions and a sincere heart, I just wanted to help, serve, and encourage a community (or two, or three) of women. But the truth is, I over committed and took too much on and I can't properly give anyone what they need and deserve when I'm stretched so thin. What started as a hobby, something to feed me and keep me healthy, has grown into a source of stress and taken over my life. 

Read more over at Keystone Ministry.  

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