October 1, 2013

Random Thoughts: Day 1

I really am hoping that I don't bore you to death here. 31 days is kind of a long time to write about the same thing. The good thing about this total easy way out topic I chose is that it won't really be the sane thing at all! But still, there's no guarantee that my thought life is very entertaining. 

Random? Yes. 

Interesting? Not always. 

It's October 1, and the high for the day is 80 degrees! I'm not liking this indian summer. Just as I start to get happy and cozy in my chunky sweaters and boots with my salted caramel mochas and pumpkin treats, we have a heat wave and it kills my fall buzz. The truth is though, there is a secret part of me that loves it because the same thing happened a few years back, the very first week of October. How do I remember? Because my fall themed wedding didn't feel so fall-like with the summer-like weather.

Wine and cupcakes make me happy. Especially when they are paired together!

I should probably work out tomorrow to burn off the cupcakes and wine from tonight. Maybe I'll take the girls for a walk.

I love walking. Before I got married, I used to walk 5-10 miles a day! Then I got pregnant and it was winter, and my daughter hated the stroller when she was little. I was so thrilled when we walked up to the store to grab milk the other day and she seemed to really be enjoying the stroller ride!

When we walked to the store I brought a little thermo-bag with ice packs in it to put the milk in on the way home. The people at the store looked at me like I was crazy when I put the milk in my bag. Apparently that's not a normal thing to do. Do you ever walk to the store? What do you do with refrigerated items for the walk home? Not bring a cooler according the faces of the people at the corner store.

Well, like I said, I make no promise than all or any of this for that matter will be entertaining. But now, including my intro post from yesterday, I have blogged two days in a row! (Which I'm pretty sure is two times more than I blogged all last month!)

These are my random thoughts.

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  1. I think two days in a row deserves two cupcakes... Oh wait - that is more like your OTHER #31Days idea, right? LOL! I love you and all your random thoughts! I love walking too... it's my favorite form of exercise because it usually involves a friend and a stop by a coffee shop somehow? ;)


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