October 24, 2013

Live Mercy

On September 12, 2013, (in)courage partnered with Mercy House Kenya to give the 12 women, 12 babies, and the students and workers at Mercy House five huge gifts, all by Christmas, with the (in)Mercy project! 

It started with Phase 1: Drive Mercy. $8,750 was needed to buy a new van to help transport the moms and babies to appointments. This project was funded in just 15 days!

Phase 2: Learn Mercy, required $8,500 to provide new classroom additions so that the women at Mercy House can get an education and learn valuable skills to allow them to earn a living. This project was funded in 11 days!

Phase 3: Generate Mercy, aimed to raise $1,600 to give the home a new generator. Electricity is not always reliable in Kenya, and a generator provides the opportunity to perform every day functions when the power goes out, as much as a few times a week. The plan was to raise the money during the opening night dinner, tonight, at Allume, but fifteen people had other plans and gave generously to fund this project early!

Phase 4: Advance Mercy, asked for $2,150 to provide computers for the school that is located at Mercy House. As of October 22, this phase has been fully funded!

If you didn't add all of that up, over $21,000 has been raised in just over one month! We are in awe of the generosity that has been poured out to help women half way across the world! But we're not done yet! 

Phase 5: Live Mercy, is the biggest, and maybe the most important project of them all! $53,000 is needed to build a second home at Mercy House. This second home will allow space to help more girls, have more classrooms, activities, and offices. 

These girls are real. These babies are real. They may live across the globe, but they need your help. Mercy House takes pregnant women off the streets of Kenya and aids them in education, nutrition, housing, prenatal care, Bible study, counseling, and job skills to help give them a sustainable living.

Please consider being a part of (in)Mercy and joining us in changing lives an ocean away. You can go to Kenya and be a missionary in the lives of these sweet faces without ever having to leave your home. 

Join us on Twitter TONIGHT, and learn more about this project! Follow the hashtag #inMercy, as well as Lisa Jo Baker, Kristen Welch, and Mercy House Kenya.

We drove mercy, learned mercy, generated mercy, and advanced mercy. Now, it's time to LIVE Mercy

Will you join us?

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