August 6, 2013

After the Retreat

I arrived home last night after spending the weekend in Houston with the Hope Mommies Leadership Team. This group of 6 amazing women came together to pray, to dream, and to plan. I sit here today, my soul full, my cup overflowing the goodness that God showed us this weekend, and excited for the upcoming ministry year.
As I spend the day with my iHome shuffling through worship, and a hot cup of coffee never too far from my reach, I pray and praise and process and decompress all that God placed on our hearts over our 48 hours together. I am overwhelmed and elated and I just can’t help but think of how I even got here. I never would have imagined this as my life a few years ago. Even after Noah entered Heaven, I could not have predicted the way that God would use my brokenness for His Glory.


  1. Kelly, you are doing brave, great things. Blessings on your head, love.

  2. So wonderful how God brought you all together, to encourage one another and to use your stories for His glory. Hopping over to read now!


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