August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small

It's Friday! So here we are, hundreds of us, bravely writing for five minutes flat on the same prompt given by the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker. "No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real."

This is Five Minute Friday, where writing gets real.

This weeks prompt is: Small


There has been so much stirring up in my heart as of late. I feel it, and so many others do to. The Spirit is on the move and an awakening is happening within the Church. Do you feel it?

No longer are the days when we sit on the sidelines and live safe Christian existence focused on our faith and our families and our lives. No longer are the days that we sit on the sidelines and watch sin and evil and darkness take over the world around us and do nothing to stop it but try to stop it from entering our life. 

No longer are the days of our, because the days of HIM are coming! 

As the Glorious Day of Jesus return draws nearer, a revival is rising in the land! He is raising up armies and emblazoning His disciples with passion to save this world from self-destruction before it is too late!

But this fighting, it is hard and it is overwhelming and although I feel the call to arms, I do not even know how to begin to fight. How do I begin to wage a war against evil from within my suburban home with dinner on the stove and a babe on my hip?

How do I begin to even touch abortion, slavery, sex trafficking, abuse, babies dying, and so many other evils from my 3 bedroom ranch with a handmade wreath on the door?

I do not know the answers to that. What I do know is that while I am small, my God is BIG. And where He calls me, I will go. Where He leads, I will follow. Even if that takes me out of my safe, selfish, carbon-copied, Christian life. Especially if it takes me out of my safe, selfish, carbon-copied Christian life. 

No longer are the days of our. The days of my. 

These are the days of Him. Where I am small, but my God is BIG.


Five Minute Friday

August 14, 2013

It's My Birthday

On August 23, I will celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. You see, that day is my 30th birthday!

As I look back on the decade that was my twenties, I think about how how much I've changed and all of the blessings that God has so lavishly given me. I am amazed as I see the ways that God moved in my life over the last ten years. 

In my twenties, God welcomed this prodigal daughter of His home. He gave me a husband and three beautiful children. He took one of those children Home, and carried me while He infused me with His peace, comfort, and hope. He has led me and guided me through dreams He placed in my heart. He has stirred up passion in my life for Him and His Kingdom. He has given beauty for ashes and restored my heart to a fullness of joy I never could have imagined. 

My God is good. My God is faithful. My God has blessed me abundantly!

It is my desire to share the blessings He has given me with others, and I hope that you will help me do just that! 

For my 30th birthday, I want to give 30 Hope Boxes to families who have experienced the loss of a child. Hope Boxes are a tangible way to love on bereaved parents. Full of goodies like tea, coffee, lotions, Scripture cards, and handwritten notes, Hope Boxes are a small way to GIVE HOPE to a family who so desperately needs the love of Jesus in a time of immeasurable heartbreak. 

Each Hope Box costs $50 to create and send. Would you consider gifting one to help celebrate my birthday? Every gift counts! Even a donation of $10 will help to get a box to a grieving family. 

Nothing would start this new decade of my life better than being able to GIVE HOPE to 30 families! When you donate, please choose the Fundraising category and put "Kelly's 30th birthday" in the comments. {Donate Here}

Thank you for joining me in my birthday celebration! 

August 6, 2013

After the Retreat

I arrived home last night after spending the weekend in Houston with the Hope Mommies Leadership Team. This group of 6 amazing women came together to pray, to dream, and to plan. I sit here today, my soul full, my cup overflowing the goodness that God showed us this weekend, and excited for the upcoming ministry year.
As I spend the day with my iHome shuffling through worship, and a hot cup of coffee never too far from my reach, I pray and praise and process and decompress all that God placed on our hearts over our 48 hours together. I am overwhelmed and elated and I just can’t help but think of how I even got here. I never would have imagined this as my life a few years ago. Even after Noah entered Heaven, I could not have predicted the way that God would use my brokenness for His Glory.
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