July 17, 2013

My Prayer For Mamas

Maybe the hardest part of motherhood is feeling unappreciated. No one thanks you for laundry or lunch or dusting or staying up all night when there's nightmares or norovirus. You don't get a raise for putting in extra hours and living on call. 

Not on this earth. 

But if everyday you choose to believe that you're often unnoticed acts and the pouring of your soul into those little people is really not for you, or even them;  but instead believe that they are a form of worship, reflecting the way Jesus poured himself out for us, then it's easier to focus on the unseen. The Eternal. The reward that awaits you in Heaven. 

I pray that women will stop feeling burdened by the difficulty of motherhood and start to view every act as a way to bring glory to the Father through the way we love our children.

Dear Lord, on the hard days when it feels like no one notices all that we mamas do, and it seems we are sucked dry because it's always give and never take. On those days especially, pour into us and fill our cups to overflowing. Fill in the gaps where we are not enough, because you are more than! Jesus, help us mamas to see that this life is nothing but endless opportunities to worship you, even in the most mundane moments. Change our hearts so that everything we do, from the biggest to the smallest, from missions to making dinner, is to Your Glory. Keep our eyes on You. Amen. 

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