July 16, 2013

Full of Grace

I see you, mama, worn and weary. I see you bone tired and soul wrung out. I see you bleary eyed, trying to hold back tears of exhaustion.

When you're up to your eyelids and the tide threatens to pull you under and you feel invisible to the world, I see you.

I see a mama who loves 'til it hurts. I see a mama who gives every inch of herself and then more. I see 5am wake up cries and countless chicken salad sandwiches. I see mountains of laundry and sinks full of dishes and hundreds maybe thousands of boo boos kissed. I see love poured out over bowls of cereal and curled up on couches reading stories.

I see the dry bones and the tired eyes and I know that you've given all and then. You might have run short on coffee and patience. That last cry for "Mooooooom!" might have broken your spirit and now you fear that you may have broken theirs.

But mama, when I see you ashamed and discouraged, I also see you covered in Grace.

Because motherhood is hard and we are are weak. It's a marathon but every morning we have to start over and the course keeps changing and sometimes we just can't navigate. Weak and tired and at the end of your rope, the only rest that will rebuild your soul is Grace poured out for you so that you could pour grace over them. So that you could tell them of Grace and Forgiveness and then live it out with them everyday.

I see you, mama. The look in your eyes when you're flashed a toothless smile or delivered a handmade card. And it's in those moments that the impossible task of living how many more years tired and worn are captured by a love that knows no end.

I see you, mama, and so do your babes. And you are full of grace.


  1. you brought tears to my eyes. i'm at my end. I have nothing more. i'm exhausted, i'm worn out, i'm starting to feel overwhelmed, like I have nothing more in me to give. I needed to read this. in fact i'm marking it to read over and over again until I don't feel I need it anymore.

    1. Oh, Heather! I am so sorry you feel that way today. Life can be so exhausting, but know that you're not alone. Allow yourself to receive God's grace and then give some to yourself. Hang I'm there, mama. I'm praying for you.

  2. Oh girl... I love this! I remember this... and hearing it from someone else just helps us all to know that we are not alone... we are not unseen... and yes - what we do DOES matter! Of course- I am in a different season, and it is exhausting in so many different ways... and still - it's the gift of Grace and Forgiveness - both taken in and given away - that refreshes and keeps us going!


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