July 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

It's Friday! So here we are, hundreds of us, bravely writing for five minutes flat on the same prompt given by the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker. "No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real."

This is Five Minute Friday, where writing gets real.

This weeks prompt is BEAUTIFUL


Her long hair, red and wavy. A few perfect little tendrils are dispersed within. Everyone always says that she is beautiful. And she is. 

She makes my heart stop with her blue eyes. Sometimes it truly takes my breath away.

But I don't like it when people tell her she is beautiful. That her hair is gorgeous and that she is such a pretty little girl. 

I want her to know that she is so much more than beautiful. She is so much more than ivory skin and ruby lips. 

I want her to know that she is a daughter of the King. She is a Heavenly Princess. She is smart and talented and loved. For who she is, not what she looks like. 

She is a beautiful soul. A beautiful mind.

She is beautiful. To HIM.


Five Minute Friday


  1. Love this...just today I was telling my girl, "You are beautiful, but it's even more important to have a beautiful heart." She's only three and is still learning what that means, but I pray that her Father will fill her with His love and that she will shine Him brighter than she shines on the outside. Thanks for sharing this. :) Happy Friday to you!

  2. beautiful on the inside. a light for sure.
    I pray that prayer for my girls too. Prov 31 beauty.

  3. Agreed. I want my girls to think this way about themselves too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So true!! I want the same for both my kids - I never want them to feel the pressure over our appearance (though I know they likely will). Lovely, Kelly!

  5. Yes! Two girls of my own and I want them to understand the same thing, that no matter what they look like on the outside they can be beautiful within. Thanks for sharing!

  6. The inside beauty matters much, much more deeply than the outside. It's so true. But I don't think it's a bad thing to know that because of our inner beauty, because He shines in and thru us, our faces can radiate beauty too. I think that's where you were going with your lovely words - I just had to say that I think there's room for both kinds, because it all goes back to Him! =)

    1. Every girl wants to hear that she's beautiful, and I do tell her that sometimes. But with so many people always commenting on her physical appearance, I fear that her identity will be found in the physical. I want her identity to be found in Christ, and for her to know that every part of her, inside and out if beautiful because she reflects Him. There is definitely room for both.

  7. As a mom of teens, my 13yo daughter is often consumed by her outward appearance. In this day and age, it's so important to instill in our children the importance of inner beauty, that which the world does not see. I pray that my daughters would know and understand that they are beautiful to the King of Kings and that they do not have to measure up to this world's standard.

  8. My mom wouldn't let people say "what a pretty little girl you are" when I was a kid because she did not want my identity to be in any way tied to what I look like. I think for the most part it worked,but I'm a woman after all and we all have our insecurities.

    You're doing great - her beauty comes from within and radiates outward! THAT is true beauty.

  9. Teaching our girls and at the same time even ourselves that we are so much more than just our outer "package" is so hard. Continue to show and encourage her in all she does.

  10. That is exactly what I have been telling my 15 year old. She doesn't wear make up and she doesn't need a boyfriend (her words not mine). She loves who she is in Christ and knows that He completes her.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love this my friend! I remember that feeling of urgency in making sure that my own girlie knew beyond any questioning that her value and beauty really come from the inside out! We would talk about BEHAVIORS and actions that were Beautiful... of course - like your own girlie - she is GORGEOUS - and that isn't a bad thing to know as well... but you can be Beautiful on the outside - but I would tell her that "I want people to see you get more Beautiful the more they get to know you - not less!"

    Oh - and yes - Mango Chicken Curry... I think that is what I will make next week? How long will YOU wait to try it out?

  12. Love this friend. Reminising about my own post and how as a 42 year old woman I wish I was moreconfident in my inner beauty and less focused on my outer appearance... You are a wise woman for recognizing the need for balance.

  13. Loved this! You captured so much wisdom in so few words. :)

    I'm glad I visited your blog for the first time in today's Five Minute Friday. Blessings to you!

  14. So thankful for young couples raising their children in The Lord and His Truth. Thank you for teaching her that a beautiful heart is so much better than anything the eye can see. Blessings to you.

  15. Great! So glad to hear you are teaching your daughter the true meaning of beauty.

  16. I tell my girls they are beautiful all the time, especially their hearts! Love you, my beautiful friend!

  17. Hi Kelly! My son just had a baby (well, his wife did!) in February, and she has the most beautiful red hair. I love the way you described your child. So loving.

    And God sees us that way too. Your praise for her could never be as deep as his is. So go for it!!

    Peace in Christ,


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