July 3, 2013

Destroy Me

My heart is heavy and something is stirring deep within my soul. Tears fell onto the onion skin pages of Scripture this morning as I prayed and interceded and cried out to the Living God.

A woman carrying twins knowing one has already gone to Jesus. Praying and believing that the other will make it to term. The celebration of a life colliding with the laying at rest of another. 

The girl who said "Yes!" one million times over. Who let Jesus wreck her and change her and lead her. Who dared to not just read about Jesus and believe in Jesus. She dared to be like Jesus. 

A prayer for revival. A calling out for the Spirit to rain fire down upon this earth and save the souls of many. 

The headlines. The news feeds. The wars across borders and within them. Wars fought that wound soldiers and families in far off lands and in the house next door. 

"Come quickly, Lord Jesus!" I cry as my heart bleeds and I too am wrecked by a world that needs Jesus. By my need for Jesus. 

So I fall to my knees and I beg for His Presence. For His Blood. For His Spirit to pour down. I cry out for the fire to refine me. To reshape me. Less of me. More of Him.

More like Him. 

I pray that today and every day forward I will dare to live like Him. That today and every day forward others will look at me and see Jesus leading me. Guiding me. Driving me. That others will know I am His by the way that I love. Oh, Lord! Help me to love like Jesus. 

I may never see the red dirt of Uganda, but I am a missionary in my own backyard. Our nation needs Jesus more than ever. In my home and my city and my country I can shine the Light and salt the earth beneath my feet right where I am. 

Brave and unapologetic, I cling to the cross and I shout His praises, and I pray for Jesus to destroy me. Destroy what this America has told me to dream and begin dreaming of living like Him.   {Tweet this}

And it starts in my heart. In my home. In the way that I love my children and my husband. It starts with my friends and my neighbors. It starts with my suburban street, in my city.

It starts where I am. Where you are. 

Will you dare to pray with me? Do you feel Him stirring in you?

God is moving. Will you move with Him?   {Tweet this}


  1. Hi Kelly! You have such a sensitive soul, you really pray in all earnestness. It is such a wonderful witness to the Spirit in you.

    I also pray that I will look more like Jesus every day. It is a good prayer!

    Peace in Christ,


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