June 19, 2013

Roots For The Journey {A Review and A Giveaway}

All my life I have struggled with Scripture memorization. I have apparently passed this on to my children too! Try as we might, my biggest just can't do it. The apple doesn't fall far...

It's not about whether or not she can spit out any specific verse called out to her in the King James on command Jack VanImpe style. It is most important to me that my children know the word and the promises of God in their hearts. That they have them to carry with them wherever they may be.

I am always trying to find unique ways to teach her. For myself, song was always a great way to help my memory. I can actually name every book of the Bible, in order! The catch is, I have to sing it! So what better way to etch the Word of God into my children's hearts (and my own) than by singing it!

Yancy had done just that in her new album "Roots For the Journey".

I have so loved getting to know the songs on this album, and through them, getting to know God's Word better. One of my favorites, Safe, is a beautiful lullaby that I have begun singing to my children. The diaphanous melody combined with lyrics pulled from Scripture are like honey to my soul. And knowing that I am singing the promises of the Lord over my children brings joy to this mamas heart.

If that wasn't enough, Yancy has dedicated "Safe" to the Oklahoma tornado victims and is donating 100% of the iTunes sales to Conduit Mission.

But, wait! Not only did Yancy create this beautiful collection of songs, but there is also a FREE app available  for iPhone, iPad, and Android, that includes videos about each song, as well as family devotionals and activities. The devotionals are simple and understandable for children of all ages, but thought provoking for the parent as well. Some of the activities include small crafts and games to encourage the family to come together and share in God's Word. If you have been looking for a way to connect your family spiritually, this would be a great way to start! 

My family has loved listening to this album, reading the devotions, watching the videos, and doing the activities together. I have enjoyed it just as much as my daughter has! And we want YOU to enjoy it too! 

I am so excited to be able to bless one of you with a copy of  "Roots For the Journey" ! I know you will fall in love with both Yancy and God's Word just as we have!

a Rafflecopter giveaway *No compensation was given for this review. The words and experiences are all mine. Other people may have different experiences or opinions.*


  1. To stay in the Word as a family, we read a Bible story (usually w/some devotional type questions that go with it) at the dinner table each night. We also do a daily Bible reading/devotional w/our 6 yr old (we receive one for each day of the week from his class at church every Sunday) & we work on a memory verse (also given @ church) with our 3 yr old. We are NOT perfect & there are days that are "missed" but this is our goal each day. :)

  2. Since my only kiddos are my cat & my betta fish, I stay close to Jesus by listening to anointed worship and unleashing the many unique creative talents He has given me!

  3. During the school year it is much easier! Part of our morning group time includes devotions and reading the bible. And we often read bible stories before bed. My squishers love listening to music so this CD will be a perfect way to stay submerged in God's word!

  4. we read scriptures at bath time, and we read the bible every night before bed and talk about it.

  5. Luke colors in a little kid devo and we talk about Jesus, and we pray together a lot! I will read out loud scriptures to him, but we don't "study" with him yet. I have made a cd with soothing praise and worship for him to fall asleep to on days where I have felt like we were under attack in our household, this would be a wonderful addition to things we are already trying to begin!

  6. During the school year we do a morning devotional. Summer time it usually looks more like a lunch time thanks/praise session. Music is a huge part of our life daily here so the CD would be a great addition to our routine.


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