May 15, 2013


It started as an idea. A thought that raced through my brain as I poured my coffee in the early morning hours. The sun was not yet up and with a babe on my hip I breathed in the aroma of the fresh brewed and there it was.

In my still-not-yet-caffeinated stupor I turned my focus to the hazelnut creamer that would turn this cuppa into the perfect wake up call. I settled the babe in her spot with a few toys and me in mine with my Bible. That's when it hit me again. This idea. 

Yeah, right! I was dreaming! And I was.

I was God-sized dreaming, and I didn't even know it. 

But like all dreams that God plants in our hearts, He kept whispering. He kept calling. He kept asking. So I said yes. Scared and unsure and having no clue what I was about to start or how the heck I could ever bring this dream to fruition or even if I would be the one to do so. I said yes. 

And in the moment I said yes, I so clearly heard Him speak. So clearly it was almost audible....


I AM limitless.

Because I AM! Not I was or I will be. I AM! 

I AM the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. 

I AM the God of Moses who turned serpents into staffs and parted the Red Sea. 

I AM the God of Daniel who closed the mouths of the lions. 

I AM the God who healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and raised the dead to life! 

I AM Limitless! 

And He is. This dream is much too big for me, but it's not too big for Him. Nothing is. And because God is limitless, so are we! We can dream big, and hard, and scary because no dream is too big if it's a God-sized dream. 

So terrified, wondering what the heck I am even thinking, I say yes. And at the next prompt, I say yes again. And with each yes I feel a little crazier because I'm walking blind. 

It feels like summer camp and I'm blindfolded, trusting someone else to lead me safely to the mess hall without running me into a tree. But isn't that true faith? Living life in full confidence that God won't run you off course?

It's scary and exciting and I want to push and run full force at it. But at the same time, I want to put a piece of tape over my big mouth to shut me up because this could get serious! 

I'm not sure I'm ready for this. But one thing I am sure about is that I don't want to miss what God has planned for me. 

So shaking, with heart pounding, I take a baby step and trust that God won't let go of my hand. With a quivering voice I say yes to big dreams and a limitless God. 

Because "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13).

In Christ, we too are limitless. 


  1. Kelly, I'm not sure what your God-sized dream is, but I could have written that blog myself! God has recently put something on my heart that I never could have seen myself doing, and I said, "Yes, and yes, and now it is going to come to fruition soon! God has set everything into motion, I am just following His lead and feeling much like Moses..."are you sure you know who you're talking to, Lord?"

    But God is faithful when I am obedient, of that I am sure.

    I see you are from Michigan. So am I . Holland, actually. Are you from the west side?

    May God pour blessing upon blessing over your God-sized, God-appointed dream! "Here I am, Lord. Use me!"

  2. So Much Awesomeness here! <3


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