April 24, 2013

Rolling On the Floor Laughing

I love language. There is a beauty in the art of the way we use words to express ourselves. I have even on occasion referred to myself as a "word nerd". One of my favorite things to do is get out my Bible and a good Concordance and search through the original Greek and Hebrew texts to breathe new life into Scripture.

But for my love of words, I also have a hefty list of words I hate. Words like moist, rash, ointment, supple and squirt make me cringe. Boss, damp, and secrete (blech!) included.

I have recently started a list of Christian terms and catchphrases, i.e. Christianese, that I dislike as well. Topping out that list is backslide, doing life together, and being intentional.

The newest list of mine to emerge though, is the language and shorthand of online and texting. We lol and will brb cuz we R2 lazy 2 actually type real words. We are all guilty.

Twitter is abuzz with people WOOTing and we are left to wonder, does anyone actually WOOT in real life? And if you do, can you please, at least tell me you raise the roof while you do it?

And where the heck did ROFL come from? Because I'm pretty sure that if you're updating your Facebook status or sending a text you are in fact, not rolling on your floor. Chances are, you probably aren't even actually laughing! You probably cracked a smile and maybe let out one single little chuckle while you typed ROFL into your iPhone.

There have been only a few times in my life that I have actually rolled on the floor laughing. I can remember  three.

One involved a table I was standing on collapsing so I was on the floor by default. I was pinned underneath Stephanie, who had also been on said table, and we were laughing so hard that we couldn't get up.

The next was at a little place called The Village Idiot in front of the Big Buck Hunter machine with my friend Kat. I couldn't tell you 7 years later what was so funny or how we ended up on the floor. All I know is that it must have been pretty hilar because I would never even set my purse on that floor.

The third was today.

I keep a stash of Little People in the kitchen so that while I cook and/or clean I can set the baby at my feet to play. I finished my tasks and sat down on the floor to start collecting the little people and get them back into their container. I was completely blindsided when my five year old body slammed us both to the ground with the most mischievous grin and a case of the giggles that seemed to be contagious.

As the three of us lay on the kitchen carpet (yes, you read that right), we laughed and wrestled and rolled around until there were tears in our eyes and our sides felt they might split.

I seemed to be seeing it all in slow motion. The light in the redheads bright blue eyes as she was defeated by the tickle monster. The excitement in the face of a babe seeing such playfulness before her. I watched it all and breathed it in.

I spend so much of my life trying to get it all done and be it all to everyone that I often miss out on the ROFL moments in life. I'm too busy with the laundry or the dinner and I shoo away little hands tugging at my pant legs.

In those moments on the floor I saw it all flash before my eyes and visions of teenagers walking out of the door with car keys in hand flooded my mind. These days won't last forever.

These days won't last forever. That goes for the hard and trying and mundane and drive-you-out-of-your-mind days too.

And on that day that I stand in my kitchen and watch that teenager run out the door with car keys in hand, I don't want to look around and see how clean my house is.

I want to look around and remember the days we rolled on the floor laughing and thank God that I didn't let them pass me by.

So whether the floor is damp, the baby has a rash, or the kids are on your nerves like a boss, try to remember to be intentional with them and take the time to ROFL.

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  1. Okay...fabulous post. We often roll on the floor laughing with our young boys....if we had carpet in our kitchen we may do it there too! ! Enjoy all those sweet moment!


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