April 11, 2013


There are days when open eyes are immediately met with hot tears. Days when the sound of a wakened babe makes me wonder how I can get up and live it. I have nothing left. I've been used up and emptied and turned upside down beaten and banged until every last drop has been had. I need more sleep. I need to get away.

It's been 7 months since I birthed life earth side and the farthest I've been is the shower. I've nursed through meals, and lessons, and church services. Early mornings and late nights. So many, many nights I've been suckled and I've sustained her tiny body.

And you. You, like me, have spent every inch of yourself on the miniature feet that trample your halls. You have fed countless meals, washed countless loads of laundry, and sacrificed yourself.

You have given up everything you once loved for the ones you love. To give them everything. And just when you think you have nothing left in you, you give some more.

When one more "Mooooom!", one more fight, one more tantrum or one more "I need you" feels like your back will break. When it all comes crashing down on you and you just can't give any more, you do. I do.

Because we love.

And what else is there in this life but love?

Sure, love is patient and kind, and I am not always those. But love keeps giving. Love empties itself over and over again.

Love lets your coffee sit cold because a pink shoe is missing. Love rearranges the meal table because the sun is too shiny. Love is tired and weary from sleepless nights and lullabies.

And we give all our love because He first loved us. Love gave all He had, and tears of blood poured out in a garden begging for any other way. Weary tears that knew it had to be done. Just like your tears. Like mine.

Love emptied itself with nails in His hands giving every last drop and it was finished. Love gave His life.

So we give our lives to show them love. To show them Love. So that they might know that He loved them first.

Because what else is there in this life but His love?


  1. You inspire me to write. I was pondering His love last night... :)
    Love this!

  2. Ah yes... Love - He is worth every sacrifice... He has sacrificed everything! Believe it or not - there WILL come a day that you actually will forget the hard parts of this season - and remember only the cuddles and closeness... you will blink and Just. Like. That. you're baby will be nearly 18! Speak Life. BE LOVE. Shine On! (and look at you - all blogging two days in a row already!!!) Yay!


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