April 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday: JUMP

It's called Five Minute Friday. Where hundreds of writers come together and bravely bare their souls by writing from the same prompt, for five minutes only, unedited. Find out more at lisajobaker.com

Oh yeah, and this is our mascot. Why? Because who doesn't love a crazy Pinterest alpaca pin cushion?

Today's prompt word? JUMP


I didn't want to do this. I've sat back and watched silently and then not so silently for some time now.

I've never considered myself a writer. I'm just a girl who writes. The words of so many others with so much talent, so much bravery. I can't compare. I won't match up. 

But these women. These women who embrace me and accept me and encourage me. They spur me on and they make me laugh and they draw me into this community of beauty and make me feel like maybe I am brave too. 

Then it comes, clear as day. So clear it's almost audible when He says "Jump!" 

"Even though you're scared. Even though you don't think you can do it. Jump! Feet first. All in. I will catch you."

So I do. I jump. And here it is. Here I am, trying to be brave with all of the other Five Minute Friday rock stars. Trusting that God will give me words and courage and use these five minutes to do a work in me that I didn't even know needed to be done.

So here's to the brave. To the ball covered, pin cushion alpacas who stand tall and proud in all of their ridiculousness. Brave enough to be just who you are. 

Five Minute Friday


  1. Visiting from FMF. Fabulous post rock star!!

  2. I'm blubbering... actually blubbering... Okay it's an ugly cry. I love you sweet friend. And you being all brave and listening to Him. I'm going to whisper here what someone whispered to me brave friend. "He pursues you.. every day He pursues you." I love you!

  3. I love this. I know, I can tell, when God has had a hand in some of my jumps of faith. Well, yes, of course, because they were jumps of faith and not blind jumps, since I am terrified of those. Isn't it amazing how much God does for us when we let go, jump in, and fully trust Him?

  4. SO EXCITED that you Jumped!!! I mean - honestly, girl! SO proud of you... and the next Leap is going to be actually landing and standing tall in the fact that you are to a writer! You are an artist... you are! If I am... then you are - and I am only newly acquainted with standing tall... we are in this together... alpacas - (a social herd, btw!) - if you will, following hard after our Shepherd! (Does one 'shepherd alpacas? Either way - you get the point!)

  5. Well, glitter me up and call me "totes adorbs", if you will, we all just hang as rockstars and groupies and it's all beautiful community. I laughed more last night - out loud, mind you - than I have in ages! I read other's words and marvel at the beauty while I'm hoping people just smile and nod at mine, but the encouragement just pushes and fills, then we do it all again. So glad you JUMPED in! :)

    1. Amy... AMEN!!! So much Amen sister!

    2. I agree! I love this community!

  6. Hey there, jumper! I'm loving this. I'm loving the opportunity to have known you in your bravery to reach out for local community and now this. Look at where you are. God is moving, leading, and DOING things through you. Love it. Love you!
    ...but I thought the song went "run like an antelope" not an alpaca. *Shrug* ;) tee hee

  7. Yay!! Welcome...I loved your words and your jump. Just beautiful. What a privilege to enjoy this wonderful community together. Blessings to you, my friend :) Keep writing...you ARE a writer!

  8. Stopped by from FMF and could really relate to the blogging jump and the fear. I was blogging for myself until I heard that same voice saying "jump into this FMF opportunity and become part of a community and something more". I am still treading anxiously but trusting His Life in me to move me forward. You go girl!!

  9. Girl, you rock! This was a heartfelt and beautiful post, I love it. And yes, you are a writer-so keep it up lady! So glad I've met you through FMF. :)


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